Slot Machine Etiquette

While Slot playing may seem to be an anti-social game, still, playing slots require proper etiquette especially when slot machines are limited in the casino. In this article, you will find out ways of making you act like a pro Slot player.

First, whenever you see some coin cup on the slot machine, it means that the slot machine is already being played by a slot player. The slot player may have had a short trip to the bathroom or bought some more coins or is simply temporarily unavailable. Do not make the mistake of playing the slot machine.

In casinos where slot machines are coinless, slot players usually leave their personal belongings in the slot machine, like a towel or a jacket. As a courtesy, slot players should not leave the slot machine for long periods of time and must rush back to the machine. In some cases, slot players must call an attendant to stand by the slot machine. Thus, slot players are expected to give attendants tips as a sign of courtesy.

There are slot players who like playing multiple machines at the same time. When the casino is crowded, avoid playing in several slot machines and give other slot players the chance to play. In some casinos, there are signs that inform slot players to play in one slot machine at a time during busy hours. Therefore, slot players are expected to free the slot machine in excess of one as a sign of respect to other eager slot players.

If you have a companion who is not playing, do not let him sit on the next slot machine. At some point, the companion may drop a few coins to let others see he is playing the machine. Again, free the slot machine to other more serious slot players. Socializing can take place after your stint at the slot machine.

Sometimes, slot players forget their cards in the slot machine. You may find this when you are about to insert your card in the slot machine. As practiced, just leave the card on top of the slot machine. The previous slot player will conveniently go back and just get it on top of the slot machine.

Smoking is always subject to casino policies. Some casinos allow it in some areas, but some casinos also prohibit it. If you are a smoker, put your ashtray or blow your smoke away from other non-smoker slot players. Cigarette smoke can be annoying to some slot players.

Giving tips is always dependent on the discretion of the slot players. If the slot player got the service he wanted, then it is customary to give tips to the slot attendants. When slot players hit the jackpot and the slot attendants bring in their prize money, giving tips to the attendant becomes a must. But the amount of tip given to slot attendants is always dependent on the slot player. Remember, tipping is not mandatory.