Learning How to Read Slot Machines

Initially, you need to have knowledge of reading the payout chart of slot machines prior to playing the game. We will take a closer look at the basics of reading the payout chart of slot machines. The first information you will see in a slot machine is the coin denomination required to play the slot machine. For example, you might have seen people slot in a dollar into a machine that is designed for quarter coins, and naturally the dollar has been refused.

Let's now focus on the different slot machines you can choose from:

Multiplier Slots. These are good machines if you intend to play a single coin at one time as it has no penalties if you did not choose to play the highest bet. Multipliers have a fixed pay out for a particular image, and the amount of coins you use increases it. Let's say, you were paid five coins for matching three cherries, the payout for a couple of coins is ten while for three coins the payout is fifteen.

Bonus Multiplier. Such kind of slot machines gives an incentive for playing the highest number of coins, however, you must decide if the bonus at stake is worthy of the additional coins. It has a similar function with the multipliers, but it gives an incentive for playing the highest number of coins and hitting the jackpot. Hitting three jackpot images may return a thousand for a single coin, two thousand for a couple of coins and ten thousand for the highest amount of coins.

Multiple Payline. As the name implies, these kinds of slots provide several lines of play and every coin initiates a certain line. No payouts will be given if you win in a line that was not initiated. Previous slot machines used to have triple lines but the latest video slots can offer up to 9 lines.

Buy-a-Pay. This kind of slots will only be played if you intend to play the full coin because nothing will be won if the jackpot was won with just a single coin. The full coin initiates the largest jackpot, as every coin offers a unique payout.

Progressive Slots. At all times, use the progressive machines with full coins. Progressive slot jackpots add a specific part of the total money played to a pot that will pay the highest jackpot. A few slot machines from some casinos are connected with each other within the online casino in order to progressive a "mini-progressive" jackpot. But bear in mind that the ratio of the payout on the least number of wins is decreased to compensate for the larger prize.

So, in order to determine what kind of coins or slot machines to play, one must check out the payout scheme first before taking your spot in one of the slot machines of the casino.