The Lowdown On Loose Slot Machines

An expert slot machine player knows exactly that a loose slot machine is his greatest ally to maximize his stay at the casino. The task is Herculean but they say it's all worth it. It basically is like figuring out who is who among hundreds of clones. Once you are able to locate a loose machine amidst an ocean of similarly looking machines you are on your way to the best slot machine session of your life. Only a few have ever located a loose slot machine.

What exactly is a loose machine? What makes it different from the rest? A loose machine is one that gives a higher payout percentage compared to the other machines inside the same casino. There are a lot of talks about how true it is. Some players consider it a myth though and they would rather just enjoy the game rather than going about fussing which machine gives a much larger pay back.

If the average payout of slot machines in a certain casino is 90 percent, they say, there is a possibility that among those machines one or two may provide a much better payout, probably up to about 95 percent. Now that is what a loose machine is - a generous one.

Rumors have it operators usually put loose machines among the ones in the carousel. The view provides more exposure to would-be players and anyone who sees someone winning a lot on those machines on the carousel would definitely be enticed to have it a try. This is also true with machines placed near entrances, which is obviously to tempt outsiders to get in and play a game or two.

If there are loose machines, it is but inevitable to have tight ones as well and they don't pay well. Experts say these machines usually surround loose ones. They do this because the best slot players move around. They know better than to stick with one machine. Those machines near table games are mostly tight. The odds are high that once the table game player is done with his game, he will try his luck with slot machines. What better way than to greet him with tight ones. This is also true with machines near a concert room. There is always a possibility of luring those who are queuing for a show to have a quick roll.

You need to think like a pro. If you were to arrange a couple a loose machines, where would you put them? In the end it really is just a part of the fun you get out of playing slot machines.