Starting Them Young With Slots

Gambling has been in existence for thousands of years and has occupied a specific place in the human psyche that can only be regulated and not abolished. Society has understood this to the point that gambling establishments have been legalized to nurture this human need for whatever benefit it can ultimately gain from it. One successful regulation, as displayed in the United States policy in gambling, concerns that of minors. While it is still debatable whether extreme behaviors in gambling develop from the early exposure to the endeavor, the specific U.S. policy may well serve as a preventive measure, among many from various fields, for the general public. In contrast, however, Great Britain is beginning to revise its gambling policy in its recognition to the vast revenues being generated by its casinos by the turn of the millennium. Conservatives are drawing their defenses.

The Methodist Church and the Salvation Army have issued their protest at what they believed to be the first creeping side-effect of the British government-sanctioned furtherance of gambling proliferation: slot machines in the arcades. This was effected by the government's insertion of the innocent-looking slot machine into the Category D game machines for children.

Category D includes the "grabbing cranes" and the coin-pushing "penny falls." Conservatives contend that the difference of these machines to the slots is that the latter entertains deals with money. While the penny falls uses coins for play, their value is insignificant and that some machines actually use game tokens instead of real pennies. The slots, however, are different. Conservatives contend that even if game tokens are substituted for real �1 or �2 coins, the slot machine is known to "tempt" its player to recover his losses with its solitary nature to encourage rapid re-staking. It is therefore "addictive." Even now, there already are establishments, like fast foods and taxi stations, sporting a slot - or "fruit" - machine for their patrons.

The conservatives are vehement and clear in their conviction that gambling was made for the adults. What they beg for is to keep it away from the children. The slot machine's colorful motif make it so enticing for the children that British gambling may in a few years could be able to form a sector of gambling patrons made up of minors, particularly slot players with ages ranging 14 and below! Britain is the only nation in the West that allows its minors to gamble.

Britain is looking towards gambling as its new cash cow, this according to conservatives. And of all nations, it is the United States that will help her beef up this new source of revenues. Top casino corporations in Las Vegas, like the MGM Mirage, Caesar's Entertainment, Sands, and the Isle Of Capri have already plans laid out for multi-million pounds of gambling complexes that would dominate the landscape of the United Kingdom.