The Call of Keno

Gambling can be a stressful activity, especially if you’re a novice player who isn’t used to the hustle and bustle of online casino or offline casino life. Indeed, life down in the pit can be frantic with punters jostling for position on the roulette table, while craps shooters command large audiences behind the blackjack fiends counting cards. For someone new to these surroundings it can often be comforting to know that there is one gambling outlet where they can escape the crowds.

Away from the busier casino tables is keno, a bingo style game where players can relax in a chair and attempt to match every ball that’s emitted from a machine. Based purely on randomness and luck, keno requires players to choose a series of numbers with the aim of matching them all and winning a payout based on the amount they correctly guess.

Favoured by older members of the casino community, this lottery style bingo game can provide big returns without you having to know any complex strategies or techniques. Indeed, for this reason it’s one of the more popular games amongst novice players because it provides a classic casino experience without the fear of the unknown.

The flow of a game is very much down to the casino it’s played in. Depending on which live or online casino you play keno at you could find yourself picking anything between 15 and 80 numbers before a draw. Such variety certainly gives punters a reason to remained interested and try new casinos; however, it also makes it tough to employ a stable (and profitable) strategy because of the huge variation in rules.

Regardless of this fact, the call of keno is one that is often heard by players who want something less intense than many other casino games. Despite the fluctuation in rules it’s a game that provides a lot of bang for your buck.