Which Slot machines should you play?

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casinos place slot machines on different level, yea...pass over that bong. this is like ... new meaaning to casinos. Well slot machines owns, they give a whole new meaning for stuff like gambling, we as slot machine addicts, say no to other forms of gambling. I used to be a roulette gambler until my wife showed me the joy of playing slot machines, I cant believe I've wasted so much time on playing craps and so many other games, while slot machines were there all along. ancient societies like the indians in the amazons, considered slot machines as "a game for the intellectuals".

Loose Slot Machines

Loose machines are programmed to pay back a greater percentage of the money played on than other machines of the same kind. What is loose for casino can be considered tight for another.One of the best reasons to play slot machines online is because they are usually much looser than their land based casino counterparts. In the United States, 13 states have land based casinos. Loose slot machines attract millions of people worldwide. Loose slot machines are set to pay out at higher rates than those around them. On a typical online casino reviews floor the listed payouts are an average taken from each individual machine.

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There are loose and tight machines. There is no standard that says a machine that pays back a certain amount.The physical placement of the machine often reflects how loose or tight the machine is. tight slot machines are just like tight chicks , they dont let everyone , hardly let anyone. but there is a way to make it with tight slot machines. Here's a tip, I usually get them drunk, shave their clit and photograph it. later, you can easily blackmail them that you'd give the incriminating evidence to their manufacture.. err, dad