Who can play the Slot machines

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Playing slot machines isnt as easy as it looks, first you have to be 18 and above, secondly it requires some skills. Not everyone is built for slot machines, but if you practice alot at your favorite casino you might develope the skill needed to be considered a decent slot machine player. nevertheless here on "The slot machine" we'll attempt to provide those of you who are willing to make the sacrifice, who're willing to put some time and money in developing their slot machine play, the real slot people, the ones who've got it in their blood.

how do you know you're built for slot machines?

Ususally fat people play slot machines, or brainless housewives, so if you're in either one of these groups you know you're of the chosen slot people, and if you're not dont get all discouraged, with the help of The Slot Machine you'll be either fat or a brainless housewife in no time.

how do you do what you do With slot machines?

Ok, so here we start our lesson, if you think you really got it in your blood you may proceed reading what I have to say, if you're not sure... well there isnt much we can do for you, so be sure. First thing you got to know about slot machine is that they like to roll and spin, that is the reels on the slot machines,given this fact you have acknowledge the fact that slot machines dont just roll all along by themselves. Now here comes the tricky part, I hope you're listening well and good, because I'm not gonna say this twice, so here goes, slot machines need your help making them start rolling. OK, so far so good, another thing you have to remember that all slot machines are divided into two kinds, one kind is button driven and the other handle driven. The one that is handle driven is often refered to as the "One Harm Bandit", as it often occurs along the timeline of history that people name objects by stupid names. Now the reels on the slots usually stop spinning by themselves, with the exception of japanese slot machine, known as Pachinko Slot machines, or Pachislo! Pachislo Slots let you decide when the reels are actually gonnna stop spinning, therefor the illusion the action of reel stoping demands some skill.