Why play slot machines?

We will teach you how to play online craps using free craps platforms offered by the largest casinos.
All you ever wanted to know about the various online poker tournaments and the people behind it.
Why play slot machines? well I can't really find a good reason to, so I searched the web and found some stuff other people wrote, nevertheless, I stick by "this is pure crap", here goes....
"Why play slot machines And then have to move to a cheaper dwelling?"
"Why should you play slots instead of gambling at poker, blackjack, roulette, craps or even at video poker? Slots are very simple to play at. All you need to do is pick out attractive slot machines and then either pull the lever or press the button to activate your round of slots. To play you don't need a large sum...." ok enough
"Why play slots online ? Slots online is played by many people because they want to have a chance at winning a jackpot, and they also want to have the most ways to win it, with as many different symbol combinations and patterns as possible. Relief from daily tensions is also a motivator for playing slots online"
O.K that's it

How to play slot machines

First look at how much the slot machine costs. Put that amount of money in and pull the handle on the side (if the machine doesn't have a handle it's probably new just press the button on the machine.) The icons should roll along and stop. If you win money in quarters or how much you bet comes out. (with the more modern ones you get credits just press the button to recieve your money.) The objective of any slot player is to line up the symbols that return cash paybacks as frequently as Lady Luck will allow. Progressive slot players are usually hoping for the big jackpot win that could be in the thousands or millions of dollars For example if you were to win $1000, you could play with 10% of that ($100) and if you win again play with 10% of that. If you don't win again at least you then have $900 left for another day.